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help request:how to share internet over internet?

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  • help request:how to share internet over internet?

    hi everybody

    I wanted to use my pc(vista home premium) at home to act as a vpn(in fact proxy) server, so i can use my laptop behind the firewall (at company) in a way that i can access any ip & port.
    anyways... i used ms virtual pc to test. i can easily connect to my pc from virtual (pptp). ican ping and use shared things.
    then i shared my internet connection (my nic is connected to cable modem using twisted pair).unfortunately it's not working.
    i searched the internet and it seems that it's because pptp can't work behind NAT. if i'm wrong tell me please.
    we have MS ISA Server blocking things.
    using vpn client has no limitations.
    my ip is dynamic but changes in very long periods.
    do you think i should use vpn , proxy server or ssh on my pc?
    any suggestion|alternative|whatever!! in any form is welcomed!

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    Re: help request:how to share internet over internet?

    Try SSH tunnel - it works through NAT, I am not sure now if also through Windows ICS NAT, bytI think yes.
    OpenVPN cannot work through Windows ICS NAT, but through some other NAT yes.



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      Re: help request:how to share internet over internet?

      You're trying to breach the company security policy.
      Contact you're system admin and ask him to open the ports/sites you needed.
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        Re: help request:how to share internet over internet?

        I'm not sure that I understood good is what you need, but good to try.

        Suggest use virtual lan, no need any settings like ports, firewall and dont matter that you have dynamic ip you are in company network or home (tested over internet and used many times behind firewalls on my PC)

        Tested with Hamachi (free software) - you get static virtual ip and have a fun if you need more info about share files or using remote control over hamachi look on

        These days owning more than one computer is the norm. They're just so cheap, so we often have one in the living room, one in our home office and the kids usually have their own machine too.

        However, we don't all have the same operating system, but we do want to be sharing our music, files and network games around the house.

        How many of us really know how to configure our machines so they can talk to each other, without having to spend hours attempting to get them to talk or spending money employing someone to do it for us?

        Hamachi is a zero-configuration virtual private networking application that resides on all the computers you want to connect within your network.
        And more info how to set up remote desktop on forum of

        I have hope that help you