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    Do any of you use a Home plug.

    For people who don't know what one is.

    A powerline network that is designed to run Ethernet over the existing electrical system and use AC wall outlets as connecting points. HomePlug provides a non-wireless alternative to stringing network cables to all the rooms in the house. It is very often used with an existing, wired Ethernet network to connect a computer in a distant room without going wireless. All computers and network devices (routers, switches) plug into HomePlug adapters, also known as "HomePlug bridges," that plug into the wall outlet.

    were is the best one to get?


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    Re: Home Plug

    How much speed it support for data transmission and is it full duplux?


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      Re: Home Plug

      Netgear do a good one and there is a Devolo product. Look for these in your local shop or web shop. The Netgear one is more expensive. We have used the Devolo ones and we are happy with them.

      You can plug the Homeplug into your regular switched hub, to enable networking for stuff that is in the same room, hardwired conventionally, and you can plug a Homeplug somewhere else in the house to add that room to the LAN. So what I am saying is that NOT all devices need their own Homeplug. You can also plug a Wireless Access point in to a Homeplug to bring a remote room into the LAN by creating a wireless hotspot in that room.

      Make sure though that the Homeplug is plugged into the wall socket (not into a surge supressor) and that all Homeplugs are plugged into the same RingMain. To tell if all the sockets are on the same RingMain, see if they all connect back to the same fusebox and have the same electricity meter. So what I'm saying is that where there is a block of flats with different ring mains and electricity meters, Homeplugs may not be able to connect two flats together even though they are in the same building.
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        Re: Home Plug

        Thanks for your help