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accessing services from within LAN using external ip

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  • accessing services from within LAN using external ip

    Hi All,

    I was wondering, is there a general problem accessing
    a service that's running inside a LAN network, using the external IP ?

    what i mean is .
    station A is running an http server on port 80 for example
    and has a relevant PAT / port forwarding rule on the router directing port 80 traffic to it.

    could station A access its own http server using the external ip (the router's IP on port 80)
    could station B, that's on the same simple LAN ,
    access station A using the external IP:80 ?

    if not - why not ?
    is there some sort of NAT limitation on this ?
    or is it an ISP issue ?

    (i'm talking about simple home routers
    if there are any other routers that can overcome this
    issue, i'd love to know how they do it)


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    Re: accessing services from within LAN using external ip

    It is indeed a common problem. The issue stems from an internal call out and back to itself. The basic home router does fail, ISA 2000 did too.
    My router running DD WRT does not have this issue. YMMV.
    How and why...hopefully someone else can dig up more.
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