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Prevent Netcut

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  • Prevent Netcut

    Dear all,

    I need to block Net Cut form my network as some users use it to cut off Internet for other users.

    I have ISA server 2004 installed on windows 2003 server Standard Edititon.


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    Re: Prevent Netcut

    You realise this could be considered a DoS attack?
    If so contact your manager/superior.

    Those users have winpcap installed? They need local admin rights for that? How did they get those rights? Ask/tell manager to get these removed. Work is hard enough without that and someone who would do this may be doing other things.

    Software restriction policies will be the answer to users using such applications.
    I don't know anything about (you or your) computers.
    Research/test for yourself when listening to free advice.


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      Re: Prevent Netcut

      From the first url of Maebe...
      Effective: one Click to Cut down any computer s network connection to the gateway.
      I would talk to the manager. This shouldn't be allowed. You can't stop this at any firewall.
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