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Port Forwarding + osi

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  • Port Forwarding + osi

    In which of the 7 layers the port forwarding works?

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    Re: Port Forwarding + osi

    I believe in the TCP/IP model it is the Transport Layer as ports are a feature of this layer.
    The thing is Cisco port overloading is network layer?

    For the OSI Model quoting Wiki - Transport Layer

    In the TCP/IP model, the transport layer is responsible for delivering data to the appropriate application process on the host computers. This involves statistical multiplexing of data from different application processes, i.e. forming data packets, and adding source and destination port numbers in the header of each transport layer data packet. Together with the source and destination IP address, the port numbers constitutes a network socket, i.e. an identificiation address of the process-to-process communication. In the OSI model, this function is supported by the session layer.
    Guess my best answer Session.
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      Re: Port Forwarding + osi

      Layer 4 is where TCP and UDP function and those are the ports you forward.

      Maebe, you had it right, it's the transport layer.

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