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Any LANtastic Experts?

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  • Any LANtastic Experts?

    This is a continuation of my networking two PC's in DOS.

    I installed LANtastic 6.0 on both PCs. I setup the sharing of drives, etc, it says "PCI LAN driver installed," etc. and then the last message that hangs at the "LANtastic Server Started" message with "Waiting for server MAINPC to come online." The other reads the same, but it's "Waiting for server CLIENTPC to come online."

    It doesn't get farther than that unless I abort with Esc and then reads "Cannot locate network name, LOGIN has failed, USE has failed."

    Maybe it's just my BNC cable? It always worked BNC in the past..should I try a crossover Ethernet cable to both PC's before anything else? Or is there a program where I'm suppose to create username/passwords to "login." I found one, tried to connect to the other and it couldn't find it.

    The diagnostic utility does find that the BNC is connected...but won't respond to the other. I think I should probably try Ethernet, at least I'll see a green light and make me feel better that it's doing at least that!

    The other route we may take is to upgrade to a Win based program, assuming we can find one that can open and reimport our DBF files!

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    Re: Any LANtastic Experts?

    yeah, good luck...

    its just that the materials youre working with are so antiquated and out of service, much less production...

    i use old BNC drops to tie down trash that is going to archives... like old compaq servers, UPSs, and CRT displays.

    have you checked the obvious things, like IP addresses and subnet masks? can you ping or tracert to anything? i know from your other thread that the computers are 486 dx2's at best, but they should still be supported by a live CD. get a knoppix disk out and give it a shot. a live CD should have all the tools you need to get the connections up if at all possible...

    other than that, your running solo...

    pees out
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      Re: Any LANtastic Experts?

      I'm going to agree with James. You are wasting your time with Lantastic unless you are just using it for fun. Lantastic never even worked right when it was on the market during its day. I hope I don't get sued for that statement, but I inherited Lantastic 10 years ago and got rid of it and coax as quickly as I could. Microsoft does all the networking you could possibly need without a third party network protocol. And I don't mean to say that offensively or break your bubble, but I don't know anyone using Lantastic. Go buy yourself two cheap PC's, put Windows XP Pro on them, get a $30 switch and some patch cables, and you have yourself a reliable network.

      Good Luck, Will