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Setting a phone-line home network

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  • Setting a phone-line home network

    I'm looking for a way to establish a phone-line home network (
    My situation is as follows:
    1. I live in Israel and get my phone and internet services through cables (HOT)
    2. My connection is a single computer connection.
    3. I have three phone outlets in three rooms and would like to be able to connect a computer to each of them. (Most time, all I need is a single connection, but when guests need the service, I would like to be able to provide it).

    So, my questions are:
    1. is a a HomePNA a possible option for me?
    2. Is this the optimal solution, or are there any better ones?
    3. Will the HomePNA solution work on a cables setting?


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    Re: Setting a phone-line home network

    For what it's worth, we use Netgear XE104 Homeplug mains networking quite effectively. It may well suit you too, but I do not know if Netgear have plugs that plug into your mains wall sockets.

    All the plugs need to be on the same ring main, which is usual in a single dwelling, so if they are all serviced by the same consumer unit (i.e. the same fusebox or the same electricity meter) you'll be ok.
    Best wishes,
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