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Network Printer w/nic

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  • Network Printer w/nic

    Hello all,

    I am new to a company that has a workgroup network behind a proxy server with about 10 desktops and a network printer. I am having issues with the printer not being able to print documents. The way the printer is connected is by a nic in the printer connected to a linksys 224 switch. It is also connected to a desktop computer which has a usb connection on one end thats in the back of the desktop and a big connector connected to the printer and the printer is shared. I keep having to restart the printer. I have restarted the print spooler service and it seemed to help a little. Again, this is how it was hooked up before i got here last week. Can anyone help?

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    Re: Network Printer w/nic

    Remove the USB cable. You may need to install the printer on that machine so it is running from the print server (assuming that was not the print server PC).
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      Re: Network Printer w/nic


      I suggest, you reinstall the printer as below.

      1. connect the printer to the LAN only.

      2. For a LAN PC you put the installation CD and run the setup for network printer.(you have to be in the user login. explore the cd and right click the setup.exe and runas admin). Select for search for the networkprinter.Now the software will detect the printer and install it. ( the software detect the printer automatically in case of HP, Xerox or Epson printers)

      3. Follow the same in all the desktop PCs.

      Hope this will help u..

      With best regards



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        Re: Network Printer w/nic

        Thank you guys. I have disconnected the usb port and reset everyone's connection to the printer through the LAN and this seemed to clear up the problem.