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    Hi everyone,

    Im currently working for a company that has a network printer, not a shared printer or using a print server but a printer with an ethernet port.

    I have been asked to update the drivers on each of the xp clients, currently they are NT4/2000 drivers.

    I go into Control Panel --> Printers and Faxes --> Right Click --> Server Properties --> Driver Tab

    I replace the driver with the updated driver, then when i go to remove the old driver, i get an error that says:

    Unable to remove Driver. The specific printer driver is currently in use.

    How do you get around this?


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    Re: Network Printer

    If I remember this one right, another printer installed on the computer (in your profile or in another profile perhaps) is using that print device driver. Remove all occurrances of the print device that uses that driver before removing the driver.
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      Re: Network Printer

      An alternative perhaps....

      Go to the advanced tab in the printer's properties, find the driver drop down, change it to your new driver, then go back to server properties and delete the old driver.

      You may find it faster to just delete the printer, and add it again with the new XP driver (from the network or flash drive).
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        Re: Network Printer

        Hey guys, thanks for your help.

        I did it by adding the updated driver in the printer properties and once i had done that i was able to remove the older driver from the server properties