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  • wireless question

    I have a business that uses wireless internet access (the company sends signal from a broadcast point on a mountain to a sat dish type rcver on the roof). The signal comes in from outside in the form of a regular ethernet cable, which is connected to a lynksys cable/dsl router, which then distributes to the hub,then to 7 users,server etc.

    Ok that part is fine, however now the owner wants to setup a "wireless" router to broadcast to a win xp desktop that is located in another building, (I am trying to determine first the distance to see if range is good), but lets say it is within range,

    Could I "plug" in the new wireless router in to one of the ports in the current dsl/cable modem to "braodcast" to the wireless point? Or would I need another IP address from the ISP provider? Please help
    Also which wireless routers have the best range? 802.11g or a?


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    Re: wireless question

    Since you already have a router you need just the access point, and then a wireless card/NIC on the other winXP machine in the other building. As far as a 802.11g or a you definitely want 'g' as it has the greatest range. If your distance is greater then the spec, don't worry get one of these
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