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Aztech DSL-600e default SSH password

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  • Aztech DSL-600e default SSH password

    I know the web panel password (Admin/Admin)

    but does anyone know what's the default ssh password set by Bezeq?

    I'm now trying to get a firmware update or even downgrade to get the factory defaults and not Bezeq's

    I'll update here if succesful

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    Re: Aztech DSL-600e default SSH password

    These modems are such a pain finding the manual for.

    Reset and Restore to Factory Defaults: The restore to factory defaults feature will set the ADSL Router to its factory default configuration by resetting the ADSL Router. You may need to place the ADSL Router into its factory defaults if the configuration is changed, you loose the ability to interface to the ADSL Router via the web interface, or following a software upgrade,. To reset the ADSL Router, simply press the reset button for about ~ 10 seconds. The ADSL Router will be reset to its factory defaults and after about 30 ~ 40 seconds the ADSL Router will become operational again.
    A manual, not necessarily the correct one, but close. Keep in mind, if you do reset to Factory Defaults, it will most likely NOT work on Bezeq again.
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      Re: Aztech DSL-600e default SSH password

      Factory defaults is according to the firmware,
      if Bezeq put in thier on firmware, I'm getting Bezeq's factory defaults..

      that's why I wanted to get a vanila firmware.

      Up until now I tried logging in with Admin/Admin in ssh,
      I just tried root/Admin and it worked

      So problem solved
      Thanks for trying though