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Wanted: Config (ini) file for ST510v3.7 with pppoe and NAT

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  • Wanted: Config (ini) file for ST510v3.7 with pppoe and NAT

    I want to connect to the net with pppoe and provide internet connectivity
    to my lan with just a upgraded ST home->pro->510v3.7.
    I have not been able to find a ini-file with pppoe configured,
    only pppoa. Please share, -if you can. I have a number of ini-files, but none with pppoe.


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    Take a pppoa ini file for the ST 510v3 and change these things:

    In the [phone.ini] section change "type=ppp" to "type=bridge"

    In the [ppp.ini] section change "proto=pppoa" to "proto=pppoe". If encaps is set in the [ppp.ini] section, change it from "encaps=vcmux" to "encaps=llc". If it is not set, it uses the default settings (vcmux for pppoa and llc for pppoe).

    Let us know if it works. If it is necessary, take a look at the CLI manual (NB there are differences between 510v3 and 510v4, so use the right manual!


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      The changes doesn't work !!

      Att. the file with the changes you implemented.
      after uploading them and restrting the modem you can't access him.

      I had to restart and up load the original Israel set.ini

      looking forward for solotion.


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        Maybe you should also add "acname" and/or "servicename" in the ppp section of the ini file. Use the command "ppp ifscan" to see if any exists.
        See the CLI guide for further details.


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          And I think I was mistaken with the changing the [phone.ini] section ("type=ppp" to "type=bridge"), this should remain "ppp".

          Does it work?