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Help with alcatel st pro.

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  • Help with alcatel st pro.

    Hi, I need help with my alcatel st pro.

    My problem is that my modem blocks 80% of connections because of the build in firewall as far as i heard.

    Ive read few guides like this one how to allow services to go through, but it didnt really help and work...

    Im doing step by step from whats written there and still I cant make it(maybe im doing it wrong ?). Please bear with me and help me with this issue its really important for me

    Is there a way that i wont have to go through all that and make it so it will do it automaticly?


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    I thought that I need to write you exacly what im doing , so there it is :

    telnet ...

    user... enter

    nat .. enter

    create... enter

    tcp/udp ... enter

    inside address : .... enter

    Port : whatever i need ... enter

    outside address : .... enter

    port: same port as i wrote line before... enter

    This is what im doing with all the ports I need.

    But it still not working for me :/


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      What is the best wireless router there is?

      Not too expensive neither... ?


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        You could also use the defserver command which directs all traffic to your PC and set up a firewall on your PC.


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          It doesnt work when I do it I cant view websites and such, like modem is working but connection is dead.


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            Did your modem work well before?

            What is the status of your connection in the web interface? "trying" or "on"?

            Do have a firewall running on your PC (NB XP has an internal firewall) If so, switch it off.

            Can you ping your modem?
            Can you ping a website? E.g. has IP

            You are sure the defserver command is executed well? After setting the defserver, in the telnet interface typing "nat defserver" should give: "default server is" (or any other internal IP address you use for your PC)


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              Hmm i have windows XP how do i shut its firewall.

              when i write "Nat Defserver" it return the line "default server is undefined"

              Did your modem work well before?
              Yes it did.

              What is the status of your connection in the web interface? "trying" or "on"?
              How do i know that ?? ^^


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                I do not use XP, so google to find how to close doen the XP firewall.

                "Default server is undefined" means you did not set a default server yet. For testing services, set the default server to your internal IP by typing in the telnet interface:
                " nat defserver addr=" (or another address if you use that)

                To see if the connection is on or trying to connect, go to in your webbrowser.[/list][/quote]


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                  I would advise NOT to define defserver because you will lose all the functionality of the NAT on the router.
                  You can shutdown the firewall by typing:

                  config firewalling=off
                  You router will block any incoming traffic which is not defined in NAPT.
                  Memento Mori