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adsl reliability and stability

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  • adsl reliability and stability


    I have a TNN (600E ?) and i use the adsl line and the connection to the internet in order to connect to the office pc from remote pc using VNC and a cellular applictaion. From the office pc i control a major system and I need to track the operations of that system(It is sort of critical system).

    for the israelis btw you (bezeq- local phone company, netvision - isp ) i think its speed - >750 or 1.5 not sure.

    Now my problem is i'm getting disconnected from once a while.
    and i need it to get synchronize and dial after the line/session is back as soon as possible.

    Last time my modem reset itself.
    (i'm using it as a router and i use the nat and the firewall components, i've opend Vnc ports and all-> the phone company doesn't support it in this way).

    now, i know i have to put a splitter, but the line is clean and dedicated, nobody use it (no pc, nor phone). I'll fix this issue on sunday.

    my question is , Is there more reliable modem, connection(maybe i should use dial up - on demend)

    I want a solution which isn't expensive, but more reliable.

    thanks .