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which modem to get in israel

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  • which modem to get in israel


    my modem at home eci 312 + is a little bit sick and i have to decide which modem to take now... i have worked allot of time with the eci modem and i found it very user friendly... configured to work as router with port forwarding etc... and some rules in the FW.

    i don't know very much about the other modems availible here like alcatel or the other availible modems so my questions is which modem can some one here sugest me... i need the same features like in the eci (router/port forwarding/FW) i dont remember if the eci worked with upnp but it would be nice to use it i thinkg

    thanks for any tips
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    Re: which modem to get in israel

    I guess 312+ is the best thing you can get now...


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      Re: which modem to get in israel

      Yeah. The ECI 312+ or TNN Aztech 600E are probably the best right now and much less problems working out of the box
      The Alcatel 510 sometimes requires firmware upgrades to work properly.
      The 600E has the same interface as the ECI, or almost the same, so if you get that one, you'll feel right at home with its build in web interface. I have this modem, also setup as router and have almost none to no problems at all for around 8 months now.


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        Re: which modem to get in israel

        Excellent info The Coolest. Hope you hang around incase Yaniv has some config questions.
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