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alcatel routing (defserver)

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  • alcatel routing (defserver)

    (sorry about my english)
    i got my alcatel to pro...
    and hub connected to it, and 2 computers connected to the hub..
    i entered to telnet
    went to 'ip'> did config firewalling=off (and its off)
    went to 'nat'> did defserver
    1 computer is the other is

    my friend is on the wanna play gta 2, or use the bittorrent (azeures, somthing like that) and he got a lot of problems like the ports are not open to him, i dont have these problems...

    how can i change this defserver to be pointing to 2 computers.. not 1...

    lets say i want to use Remote Administrator program to connect my computer through my girlfriend... i cant do that when the defserver is set to 0
    caust the modem dont know which computer to send this information..
    when i use the defserver i can connect ti this computer but not the, what can i do to open both of ip's...

    i dont know... if anyone can give me any advice thatll be good.. thanks.