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2 VPN connections 1 DSL line

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  • 2 VPN connections 1 DSL line

    I would like to know how I can create 2 VPN connections, 1 VPN connection per computer in a workgroup environment, using a DSL connection. I will be networking these computers with a d-link router to split the DSL connection but each time I create a VPN connection to the remote network the second computer cannot connect or create a VPN connection. Do I need different hardware or do I need to do something different?



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    Re: 2 VPN connections 1 DSL line

    You should be able to do this.

    What type of VPN is it (IPsec, PPTP, etc)?
    What VPN software/hardware are you using?

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      Re: 2 VPN connections 1 DSL line

      I am using Microsoft VPN and the type is automatic. I have tried PPTP and still no results however, when I try to create the VPN on a 2000 machine I am unable to establish a connection even though I have the correct IP and User Name, Password. That probably is one of my problems if not the only problem. Now my problem is making the VPN on the 2000 Machine connect to the VPN. Any suggestions? When I try to connect on the 2000 machine it goes through making the connection then when it goes to authenicate it fails. I know the User name and password are correct because those are the same passwords I use on my XP machine.



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        Re: 2 VPN connections 1 DSL line

        un-check the option " Require data encryption [disconnect if none] " under Security tab of VPN connection's Properties.