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Alcatel ST Pro with Check point NG fp3/fp4

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  • Alcatel ST Pro with Check point NG fp3/fp4

    Hi everybody,

    i'm using alcatel st pro as router between internet and my internal lan.
    the modem is connected to check point NG fp3 firewall/gateway.

    the alcatel configuration is:

    External IP Address: Dynamic ip from ISP
    Internal IP Address :

    all the traffic from outside (Internet) is forwarding to the fw using defserver. also i have mapped some port to internal server in my Lan.
    everything is work just fine, except the log i get on the fw when i try to connect my lan via the internet, "local interface address spoofing".

    the fw config is:

    Externet NIC IP Address:
    Internal NIC IP Address :

    the fw is configure to accept connection from internet into my Lan.
    i think there is something wrong with the NAT on the alcatel, when i try to telnet to my fw from the internet i get log on the fw that the packet was sent from fw to fw. the log is: "source and destination equal"
    i have port 25 maped on the alcatel to my exchange server, and its work perfect through the fw.

    there is any way to control the nat on the alcatel?
    or any idea?