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Configuring SpeedTouch Pro on WinXP

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  • Configuring SpeedTouch Pro on WinXP

    I have a SpeedTouch Home hacked to the Pro to enable ICS and routing for my home LAN.
    Unfortunately, after a power failure, this modem now appears to be a paperweight.

    So, I bought another one.

    Now, I have hacked it to the Pro, the computers all report the DHCP server assigned IP addresses - but NO internet connectivity on any computers.

    I have gotten rid of any dial-in connections as my 'Pro' is set to 'always-on'. (my ISP reports my modem is logging in - although they couldn't ping me, but I think that's due to the Pros native firewall)

    I reverted the modem to the dumb 'Home' version to enable me to connect and it all works fine. (but obviously - no LAN internet connectivity)

    I know I've missed something - and I'd appreciate some help on finding the solution.

    My thanks in anticipation,