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Alcatel SpeedTouch Pro (upgraded from Home) and a HUB

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  • Alcatel SpeedTouch Pro (upgraded from Home) and a HUB

    Hi everybody!

    I have a problem and I hope someone can help .

    I have an Alcatel SpeedTouch Home modified to Pro.

    I'm trying to connect a single computer with a static ip ( If I can make it work, I'll add more computer, but for now it doesn't even work with one!

    I have the Firewall turned off.

    My problem is as follows:

    If I connect the computer directly to the SpeedTouch (ST), everything works fine - I connect to the Internet without any trouble .

    ADSL--->ST--->Computer WORKS

    If, on the other hand, I connect the same computer to a HUB, and the ST to the crossover port of the hub (the small LED at the base of the ethernet port of the ST lights up, so I think I did it right ), I have no communication with the ST. No Internet, Pinging the ST ( times out, and the web access to the modem doesn't work.

    ADSL--->ST---->HUB<----Computer DOESN'T WORK

    Does anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong


    Ilan Kleinberger

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    Is it a hub or a switch?
    Have you tried using a straight through cable instead of the Xover?
    What operating system are you using?
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      It's a repeater Hub (Genius Fast Ethernet Hub) with 8 ports, one of which has a switch on it that allows it to accept both a crossed cable and a straight one. I'm using a straight cable from the router (STpro) to the crossover port of the hub. When the switch of that port is on the 'normal' setting, the light on the Router (a small green led right above the ethernet port) is off. when I switch it to 'crossover' the light on the router turns on.

      Could it be that I need a Crossed cable between the router and the HUB??

      I'm running Win98, but I have the same problem with a 2000 machine as well.


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        try XP...
        XP fixes a lot a problems...

        i got the modem(alcatel)+hub+3 computers with almost no problems

        (the internet works great on all computers, i got another problem in routing...)


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          If your hub is just 100 and not 10/100 it wont recognize the Alctel modem/router


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            You seem to be correct
            My HUB is indeed only 100, and doen't support 10

            Is there no way around this problem




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              Get a 10/100 switch.
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