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Alcatel ST home/pro

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  • Alcatel ST home/pro

    I have upgraded my ST home to pro and also upgraded the firmware to khdsaa3.284.
    The problem I have is that after deleting all ppp,cip,bridge and phonebook entries, on creating a new phone book entry for vpi of 0 and vci of 38 ( I am in UK) is that on trying to add ppp configuration i get the error ppp failed to create entry . If I do exactly the same but change vpi to 8 and vci to 48 it all works as it should
    It does not make sense to me , what am i missing out please

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    I'm having the exact same problem!

    I've switched to Expert mode, deleted all surplus entries, created the PPP entry only to get "PPP failed to create entry".

    If I enter an incorrect VPI/VCI of 8/48 it's not highlighted yellow, but it allows me to create the entry later on in the step-by-step guide, although when trying to connect it just hangs at "trying".

    Sidewinder, did you get any resolve on this problem or has anyone else got a suggestion??


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      Where from you got the firmware?
      Was there an info file with it?

      I generally advise NOT to upgrade the firmware if everything works flawlessly. You can stuck in this kind situations. You should upgrade only if you facing specific problem which was resolved in the updated firmware.
      Sorry to say but with those devices it's not like Microsoft.
      This specific firmware seems to be created specifically for other country.
      Memento Mori


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        I've not actually upgraded the firmware in my ST Home/Pro... only used the hack to unlock from a ST Home to a ST Pro.

        Now I've done that, should I use the Home or the Pro firmware??


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          Now I've done that, should I use the Home or the Pro firmware??
          Not Firmware - Version.
          I would recommend PRO.
          Memento Mori