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  • too many traffic


    i have a multihomed pc.Both of the ethernet interfaces produces too much traffic(connected to lan and internet).Due to this my DSL router's lan link goes off.When I disconnected the machine from my network Everythin worked fine.

    how can i block the traffic.i tried internet security(symantec).

    any help will be greatly appreacited..


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    Re: too many traffic try ethereal, monitor the network card and find out exactly what traffic is causing your router to fall over.


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      Re: too many traffic

      First question would be Do you have a VIRUS on the machine that is generating the traffic???


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        Re: too many traffic

        check your router logs for spoofing , monitor the traffic on your lan and determine which card is the culprit , check for virus . The event viewer on the pc should be able to help you to determine the card causing the problem


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          Re: too many traffic

          hi pratheesh!
          i think u r not aware of viruses of windows and like that so don't be confuse just do this finally;

          backup ur pc data and re-install windows like windows98 or windows 2000 professional with sp4 and if u want to install windows xp then u must install windows xp with sp2.
          connect internet and first of all update ur windows from

          after update ur windows is up to date and more secure from Trojan, Malicious code and back doors and stuff like that.

          and now install any reasonable antivirus and also update it.

          ur system is ready, enjoy...