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alcatel defserver vs. dhcp spoofing question

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  • alcatel defserver vs. dhcp spoofing question

    First off, let me say that this site is incredible...great job to all who helped make it what is is. now, enough sucking up

    I have st home upgraded to pro as per instructions. recently, i got my hands on a linksys 54g router and an airport extreme (for my macs). i was having all sorts of config issues between all 3 (dhcp, nat etc). i finally have everything working now as i want it. my question is this:

    aside from passing the wan ip to the router, what are the pros/cons of using dchp spoofing instead of defserver. right now, i have the linksys router plugged into the alcatel, with defserver passing all traffic to the linksys router (configured with static 10.0.0.x ip and manual dns entries). i am using the linsys as my firewall as well as wlan access for my neighbors, and my airport extreme as nice secure wpa2 wireless for myself. the airport pulls dhcp from the linksys (with manual dns entries- just to avoid problems ).

    if i were to sep up dhcp spoofing to the linksys instead of defserver, what would the difference be (except for the ip)?