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I need help (software)

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  • I need help (software)

    Hi. I am looking for a software which can draw lans topology . I know with Lan Flow a can do it. But I want to practice this. I draw lan . and then I want to give ip, subnet mask, default gateway, dns server to each host on my network. And we know that if the subnet masks is different and you arent using router (using only switch or hub) you cant ping (connect) to other computer. And I need a software which can do this and let me see if there will be a problem on lan if I will setup my lan like this and with this hardware and wtih this TCP/IP settings
    Thank you for your help
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    Re: I need help (software)

    Maybe this will help



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      Re: I need help (software)

      You are so clever. I can't guess that I can find it from google. You are wonderkind. Hey wonderkind can you tell me the keywords for searching in google ?


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        Re: I need help (software)

        Ok, what did YOU try?
        Did you look at the link Wullie gave you? (Click on the word Google in his post)

        My guess is that you didn't click on Wullie's link but you still post back with that sarcastic attitude. Wullie went out of his way to answer your guestion and you post back with that silly reply. Don't be surprised if you have difficulty getting help in the future.

        You can also have a read about how to search Google.

        Good post Wullie!! Reputation points will be awarded.
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        2 2 was 1 2.
        1 1 1 1 race 1 day,
        2 2 1 1 2


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          Re: I need help (software)

          Thanks but I don't need a tool for drawing lan picture. I have Lan Flow for it. I need a tool for this. example. I draw PC's lan cables and other hardwares like hub, switch, router or firewall. If draw it false, I want that this program show me where is mistake. example: IF subnet masks is different in same network you need put router in the middle of two subnets (not hub).