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alcatel speed touch system password !

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  • alcatel speed touch system password !

    HELLO !
    I have a problem with my alctel modem,
    (alcatel apeed touch home that was firmware upgraded to 510)
    I can not connect to the modem by web interface or by telnet,
    It asks me for a password that I did not set at all .
    Ping to defaults and hardware reset don’t work.
    The modem works fine , but the problem is that I changed my internet account user name,
    And now I can not change the user name on the modem.
    Is there a default password or another method to fix that ?
    Please help

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    Did you do the hardware reset in the right way?

    1) Disconnect the telephone cable but leave the modem on.
    2) Press the button on the back until the green leds start to blink rapidly (use the tip of a pencil to put in the small hole at the back)
    2) Release the button, the modem reboots.

    The soft reset:
    You can do a ping to defaults or ping to life with this tool:
    It's easy to try it again.


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      uhh, when you telnet to the modem, enter any name for "User" and just <enter> when it asks for your password does not work?

      then this tool should work as well: with user and password field empty.


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        first of all , thank u 4 your reply !
        about my modem , i did it all then i did it again,
        everything , any thing the web could offer - i tried.
        then i called my isp and got my old user name.
        now everything works fine , because no matter what i did -
        nothing made it lose it's good old parameters.
        i am still looking to crack this stupid nut ,
        but i'm sorry to say that i'm beginning to think that -
        the upgrade (changing it's software) damaged it.
        i hope the truth is out there ...



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          Try a posting in this forum:
          (although it is a French forum, they do read English). They really are specialists.
          You can register here:

          Let us know if you get a useful answer over there!


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            Re: alcatel speed touch system password !

            1 Make sure the SpeedTouch™ is powered off.
            2 Press the power button once (shortly).
            3 As soon as the Power/System LED is flashing green, press the power button
            once more (shortly).
            4 The Power/System LED stops flashing to become solid green. After six
            seconds, it starts flashing green again. Press the power button once more
            5 All LEDs flash green once.
            6 The SpeedTouch™ reboots and will come online with factory default settings.
            Resetting the system to its factory defaults also involves deleting the configuration
            profile settings. You may, therefore, need to reconfigure the system
            using the SpeedTouch™ Setup wizard or by uploading the relevant configuration
            file. “



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              Re: alcatel speed touch system password !

              glomf, we appreciate you trying to help, but this thread is 3 years old! Please don't bump threads this old.
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