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What router can be used with real IPs?

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  • What router can be used with real IPs?

    Putting a server in hosting in one of the big internet companies in Israel, we received a free ADSL account with 16 real IP addresses.
    Being a very small company, we have ADSL with NAT, and we're doing just fine with that.
    But of course real IPs would be much better - and we get it for free

    I am not that much of a tech savvy so I don't really know how ADSL with 1 IP differs from ADSL with 16 IPs...

    I would like to know what router (company + model) can do that.
    In my old office we had an Edimax do exactly that but I don't know what model that was.

    Price estimations/where I can get it would also help a lot.