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help configuring/connecting w/ edimax 6114wg router

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  • help configuring/connecting w/ edimax 6114wg router

    Hello All,
    Here is my problem,
    I have an edimax 6114wg router. I am currently trying to connect it to mt teradyne tj 715 cable modem. I currently have to use a dialer to connect to my isp (i am trying to change this, but it is the situation at the moment) I have two ISP's and i can connect to either one through either l2tp or pptp. In all cases if i connect the computer directyl to the modem, i have internet connecection.
    A number of hours ago, i managed to configure my edimax so to connect through the internet, and succesfully connected. One ISP gives me a fixed ip, and when i connect, that is the ip that my edimax registers. the other gives me a dynamic ip, but i checked with tech support and they said it was one of their ip adresses, so i am pretty sure that my edimax is connecting to the internet. Both the system log and the status page confirm this.
    I was able to surf through my router for about 10 minutes, and then it stopped. I recieve "this page is not available" on my browser every time i try to access any web page. I do not know why, or what caused this to happen. Since then i am unable to surf the web through my edimax, only when connected directly to my teradyne.
    I have the firewall on the edimax turned off, and i have no anti virus or spyware software running.

    I have had this router for well over a year, and it always worked fine, untill i had to start using a dialer.

    I am running windows xp sp2

    I would really apreciate any help that someone could give me in solving this problem.
    Thank you