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Setup a VPN with W2K behind an speedtouch pro

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  • Setup a VPN with W2K behind an speedtouch pro

    I have a W2K server behind an Alcatel speedtouch Pro dsl modem, I'm having problems to setup a VPN, It is possible to create a VPN with this router?, do I have to buy a new one?, Do I have to upgrade my firmware?

    Thanks in advance

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    I do not know much about VPN, but it works ok here with Cisco VPN client. You will probably have to open the appropriate ports VPN uses. Instead I use the defserver command instead, and have a software firewall on my pc, much easier to configure.


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      A few postings below it says the following ports to open for VPN:

      Originally posted by Dumber
      Protocol numbers:
      6 TCP
      17 UDP
      47 GRE
      50 ESP (for IPSec)
      51 AH (for IPSec)

      Port numbers:
      500 (UDP) if you want to use IKE
      1702 (TCP)if you want to use L2TP
      1723 for PPTP and always in combination with protocol number 47 (GRE)