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Cable modem with router

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  • Cable modem with router


    I have installed a cable modem (Thomson) and tried to connect it to my Edimax 6104K router with no succsess.
    The modem works when I connect it to the computer but wouldn't work with the router.


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    Re: Cable modem with router

    Well it is supposed to work with DSL & Cable. Tell us how EXACTLY you are connecting all the devices together. Be descriptive, remember we cannot see your setup.
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      Re: Cable modem with router

      The modem was connected to the WAN inlet and I tried to configer the router both in PPTP and L2TP according to my internet providor's instructions (user name, password, gateway address etc). I even received permanent IP trying to solve the issue.
      Th LOG indicated that the router either did not "dial" the modem or received some unclear massages.
      It should be noted that the router works fine with ADSL modem.
      My gut feeling is that it has something to do with the router not recognizing the Thomson modem.



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        Re: Cable modem with router

        You must configure the wan section with l2tp.
        There you must :
        1 - clone modem mac address
        2 - type user name
        3 - password
        4 - l2tp gateway of your isp.

        As I experienced troubleshooting Edimax routers with cables modem, some times, even when the modem was working fine localy with the computer, connecting it to a router is painful with a lot of disconnecting issues. only replacing the modem to a diffrent 1 solve sometimes the disconnecting problems.
        That is why I prefer to work with adsl when connecting to a router.
        Anyway try to download the latest firmware from -
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          Re: Cable modem with router


          Thanks for the advice.
          Tried everything accept for replacing the modem (cabels need to supply new one) still doesnt work.