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How do I Activate UPnP on hacked Alcatel STH (510v3.7.2.1) ?

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  • How do I Activate UPnP on hacked Alcatel STH (510v3.7.2.1) ?

    Hey everyone,

    First post on these forums

    I have been having fun hacking my STH to a Pro, had that for a while until I found the 'convert Pro to 510'. But having a few problems trying to get the UPnP feature to actually work on MSN 7.5, Azureus and Limewire. Mainly for talking to my sister on MSN, who is overseas atm and would like to video chat with the family without skips in audio and video as experienced without UPnP

    I followed the instructions on

    Setup so that the DHCP server is running and UPnP is setup in WinXP SP2.

    I now have an icon in My Network Places for the ST 510. I found that the only config file that works is the default one loaded on the 510 setup as PPP as the Pro was, should I use maybe PPPoA or EthoA config file? I have d/l config files for Australia but they are for firmware and 4.2. Can I flash the STH to the 510v4 or 510v4.2, would this help ?

    I went to a friends house and setup his UPnP on a Netgear Wireless, setup I think in bridge mode using PPPoE. And it had an option to turn UPnP on and another icon popped up in 'Network Connections' 'Internet Gateway' I think and if I double clicked on it, it gave me a list of current forwarded ports mapped via UPnP. How do you get that setup on this modem ?

    It's starting to get annoying, someone help !! I've looked for the answer for a while I thought it might be time to post a new tread

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