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  • DLink

    I have a D-Link DWL-510 PCI 802.11b wireless card. This card was installed on a PIII 500MHz (clone PC) with Windows 98. The wireless PCI card was picking up a wireless signal from a DI-524 802.11g wireless router (attached to a PII (clone PC)). There was a working Internet connection between the 2 PCs.

    Then we purchased a Dell Celeron 2.53GHz, installed the D-Link DWL-510 PCI 802.11b wireless card into the PC that was running Windows XP. Unfortunately, we could not get the network connection to work.

    In both cases DSL is being used.

    Why does the wireless PCI card work on the PIII running Windows 98, but the wireless PCI card does not work on a Celron running Windows XP? Any ideas?

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    Re: DLink

    Did the wireless card install without a problem?
    Is the firewall on the XP machine turned off.
    Do you have any security running on the wireless router? (MAC, WEP)
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