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Setting UP ADSL

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  • Setting UP ADSL

    I am new to ADSL.I have an Ethernet ADSL modem,8 port switch-,2pc,1 win2003 server as DC.I have attached the ADSL modem to my switch.I do not know the next steps.Could any one help me?

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    Re: Setting UP ADSL

    Have you properly configured the internal address of the modem to be in th same subnet as your network??

    Have you set the Default Gateway on your client machines correctly??

    I would really recommend putting a firewall in-between your modem and your network.


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      Re: Setting UP ADSL

      the problem is that I do not know why I can setting up ADSL modem.
      The only think which I have done is that I have connected ADSL modem to my Switch Port.Now what should I do Next?I can not see any changes..plz help


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        Re: Setting UP ADSL


        You will need to configure the interface on the internal side of the modem


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          Re: Setting UP ADSL


          Every aDSL router will have a default IP address on the LAN interface. You need to find out what it is for you particular brand/model. (It will probably be one of the following:, or

          Anyway when you have found what the default LAN IP address is you need to configure a PC to have the same IP range (not the same IP now just an IP address in the same range i.e. if aDSL modem default is then configure the network card on the PC to with a mask of With this done connect the PC to the LAN interface of the aDSL modem, open a web browser on the PC and enter the IP address of the aDSL modem in the address bar. You should be presented with a login page for the ADSL modem. Login with the default username and password found in the manual and then configure the aDSL modem to suit you current network. You should have details of your WAN interface settings from your ISP so enter them. Then change the LAN interface to match you current network IP range. This will disconnect the PC you are using to configure the modem from the aDSL modem so be sure you have set the LAN interface correctly. Now you set your PCs and Server(s) to have a default gateway of the LAN interface of the aDSL modem and plug the LAN interface into your switch. I would also recommend changing the default username and password for the router and setting the WAN interface to only allow inbound traffic that you need (like SMTP inbound if you are running a mail server).

          by the way, if you posted make/model number and current IP setup on your network I could be more specific.



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            Re: Setting UP ADSL

            Thanks for your Reply sharper!

            I use a server running win2003 and act as DC & DNS & ICS, with 2 Lan card installed on it, therefore 2 connection on "control panel>network Connections".I named them as local1 & local2.
            I had disabled local2 since it was useless and connect Server from local1 to switch,
            Where this Connection IP is set this IP as the other Clients Default gateway.
            Now I am going to use ADSL for internet access and share it for domain users to use Internet.
            1-I have attached ADSL Ethernet modem ( FiberHome AN1020-01T) to my switch.
            2-create connection for ADSL on server and share it.
            3-I did not do any thing else &
            ***oops I do not have internet.
            And second way:
            1-I have attached ADSL Ethernet modem ( FiberHome AN1020-01T) to second Lan card which name as "Local2' in "control panel>network Connections" and enabled this connection. I did not set any IP for that. It obtains IP address automatically. No DHCP is installed on my server.
            2-create connection for ADSL on server and share it.
            3-I do not know the next steps.
            ***I do not know what to do Next to connect to internet.
            Help plz!!!


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              Re: Setting UP ADSL


              You need to follow the steps in my previous post to configure the router. I'm sorry but I don't know that particular brand so you'll have to read the manual to get the defaults.

              Once you have it configured with a LAN interface IP address of say then give your server and all the PCs a default gateway of

              Leave your second network connection on the server disabled unless you install ISA or some other firewall software.

              I would use DHCP on your server and disable the on e on the router(if any) that way you won't need to change each PC.

              Forget about Internet Connection Sharing. Best just to use Router and local DNS server.


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                Re: Setting UP ADSL

                sorry! but I am so confused May be I can not understand what's happening but Would you please do me a favor in this 3 question
                1-should I connect ADSL ethenet modem to Switch or My server
                2-I am going to use RRAS and configure it as NAT.Is it right choice
                3-Any usefull Manual,help,.. resource for ADSL connections


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                  Re: Setting UP ADSL

                  aDSL router goes into switch
                  Use RRAS to terminate VPNs on DSL Line. I've never used it for NAT so can't comment
                  Your ISP should be able to help you with settings particular to your line.


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                    Re: Setting UP ADSL

                    Thansk 4 your kindness