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Alcatel SpeedTouchHome and Port Forward

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  • Alcatel SpeedTouchHome and Port Forward

    Hello everybody.

    I'm a heavy P2P and BitTorrent user (legitimate, though), and as you probably know, such applications require certain ports to be open and forwarded.

    I have tried everything from A-Z: Put a static IP address, forwarded the ports on my router (LinksysBEFSR41), enabled DMZ, blocked WAN, Did all the necessary expectations in my firewall (I even disabled it completley sometimes) - but nothing works.

    Someone told me it's related to the modem (Alcatel STH); it is preventing me from opening the ports. He told me that the only way to forward them is by writing some special commands that relates to TELNET. Is that true?



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    Re: Alcatel SpeedTouchHome and Port Forward

    Unfortunately the Speedtouch Home manual seems to have been removed from so I can't accurately advise you as I have never used the Home modem.

    However upon rereading your post, the Speedtouch Home is only being used in its modem role and should be configured as a bridge so it can work with the Linksys router. If the STH is configured as a bridge, then it will be letting everything go through to the Linksys and that will be doing traffic control. How have you configured the Linksys router and do you have the STH set in bridge mode?
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      Re: Alcatel SpeedTouchHome and Port Forward

      Really? I thought I need to convert it from "Home" to "Pro" which is a long, complex and risky process. How do you convert it to a bridge? It sounds rather simple!

      Thanks in advance.