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Dropped wireless access

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  • Dropped wireless access

    I am using Verizon DSL with a Linksys Router for wireless access. At times, I will lose my wireless connection and have to either wait about 5 minutes and then disconnect from and reconnect to the Network, or physically shutdown both the router and modem for a few seconds to re-establish connection. Has anyone else run into this? And if so, how did you solve it? I also have a co-worker who uses a Comcast Cable modem and a Linksys router and occasionally has the same problem. So, the only common thread is the Linksys equipment.

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    Re: Dropped wireless access

    I have a Linksys wireless router for my ADSL and it too needs a reboot about once a week! I found my psu to be hanging out of the plug socket a week ago and so far so good, it has been working fine! I hope ive solved the problem otherwise it is a Linksys related problem!
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      Re: Dropped wireless access

      What is the Linksys model? Do you have the latest firmware installed in the Linksys?
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