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  • sweex router

    I have a "SWEEX BROADBANDROUTER" that connects two computers.
    I connect to the network with cable modem using a network card, in Windows XP pro SP2.

    My problem is that I cannot connect to the network from both stations at the same time. (Only from one of the stations, no matter which one)

    If anyone knows how to configer the router so that I can connect and surf the network from both station at the same time, I'll appreciate it very much.

    Thank You
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    Re: sweex router

    Connect the cable moden into a port on the router. Connect the 2 PCs into a port (each) on the router.

    If this doesn't work, post back with EXACTLY how you have it setup.
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      Re: sweex router

      The modem and 2 PC's are connect to their ports on the router.
      I have to configure the router so that i can connect to the network from both PC's at the same time (what I can't do now).
      I think I have to setup a dailer or something on the router ????