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Dialup and using a router as an AP

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  • Dialup and using a router as an AP

    I have a NetGear WGR614 router that I wish to use as an access point. My internet connection is dialup via internal modem on an XPpro box. The router is on the same box connected to 1 of the 4 ports in the router. I'd like to allow 2 additional pc's to be able to use my internet connection. I've heard this can be done by disabling dhcp on the router and using ICS or a proxy. I'll probably use FreeProxy to allow the others (my kids) access to the web and gmail(via pop). Any ideas on how to get this all setup? Do I need to specify static ip's on all 3 pc's or can I let the wireless adaptors on the 2 other pc's try to pick their own once they see the router?

    In the router config if I set for itself, do I also have to set an IP for the port that I'm plugged into? (the 'marvel' port on an Asus A8N-Sli Prem.)

    And lastly, do I have to setup the pseudo-server box to go through the proxy also or can I just let it remain the way it is now and it'll connect to the net through it's current methods?

    Any help, links, etc would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Dialup and using a router as an AP

    Some one should reply of this Post. i had this problam recently. but now i simply use a D link switch+ Lan cards for Simple sharing on Xp Pro. based systems.


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      Re: Dialup and using a router as an AP

      Master of Criminals: This post was from 2005. I wasn't here then. If you'd like to open a new post on your particular situation, please do so.

      And please give enough particulars of your situation so we can help.


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