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Ping/DNS problem with Alcatel PRO and 2nd router

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  • Ping/DNS problem with Alcatel PRO and 2nd router

    eMule LOWID with two router setup.

    I want to use the router1 to log in to the ISP and pass on all traffic to router2.

    Router2 will always have a static IP address and do NAT and firewall, etc.

    My network looks like this:
    ADSL - Router1 - Router2 - various PC's 192.168.11.xx

    To achieve this I took the following steps:

    Router1 (Alcatel FOME upgraded to PRO, thank you Daniel)
    Internal IP
    Disabled the fw by setting defserver addr
    DHCP off.
    Nat listing of ports shows that 4662 4672 are forwarded to
    The connection is up.

    Connect as LAN with static IP
    Internal IP
    DHCP on.
    Port forwarding in place for 4662 tcp and 4672 udp to

    Manual IP, gateway

    Despite port forwarding in router 1 and in router 2, eMule still cannot get High ID connectivity.

    How can I improve connectivity?
    Do I need to improve port forwarding?
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