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  • Mtu complications

    Okay, so what I am trying to do is tether my internet connection from my phone which is a samsung vibrant to my cpu to my xbox 360 so I can have xbox live on my 360 because I do not have WiFi in my house.

    The issue is that my 360 is saying that my Mtu is too low and has to be higher than 1362. It advises me to change it by going to my routers configuration webpage. I am not exactly sure what my router would be. I took a guess and tried to look up my IP adress for my phone because that is where the internet is coming from and I looked it up but nothing really showed to where I can change my Mtu settings.

    If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Mtu complications

    so you're trying to use your Samsung phone as a "wireless access point" to connect your xbox 360 to the computer?

    You almost certainly won't be able to (easily, simply) change the MTU on your phone. This is where you'll need to change it.
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      Re: Mtu complications

      No, his phone has internet access. Sharing his internet access to the XBox via ICS probably.

      Internet (phone) -> PC -> XBox 360

      It's probably limited by the cell company and/or the phone itself.

      WHY are you wanting to do this? Doubt the connection would be good enough to game on.
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        Re: Mtu complications

        Tethering a phone is (IMO) a very bad idea except for emergencies. Don't know where you are or what your provider is, but in the UK using a phone tethered for any length of time will cost you your firstborn.

        Seeing as the XBox has built in ethernet that's what I use, I'm lucky enough to have a conduit for the TV aerial running from my loft so I ran an ethernet cable through that to keep things tidy. If you can't easily run a cable a simple solution is a Powerline adapter or similar, that carries the ethernet signal through your mains electrical supply.
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