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Siemans router not issuing DHCP

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  • Siemans router not issuing DHCP

    I have a client who has recently been issued a new Windows 7 laptop by their company. The previous laptop was winxp.
    The laptop is used in numerous locations, so is configured to use DHCP. There is also a desktop at the client's home, connected to the router via an ethernet cable.

    The new laptop will not obtain a DHCP address from the router. The wired desktop is NOT experiencing issues obtaining a DHCP address.

    I have completely removed all security on the router, and the laptop won't grab an address.
    I then assigned a static address, and it works perfectly.
    I upped the security to WPA2 again, and laptop still works with a manually assigned address.
    I then changed it back to DHCP, and the router would not issue an address.

    The router in question is a Tiscali provided Siemans Gigaset router. It has definitely been rebooted multiple times. I cannot find any MAC filtering options (there are very limited control options for this router) and I know it's definitely authenticating properly.

    Any suggestions?
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    Re: Siemans router not issuing DHCP

    What happens when you plug a cable in?
    Is wireless NIC actually detecting the AP?
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      Re: Siemans router not issuing DHCP

      Try this, change or add ArpRetryCount's value in the registry to 0 (the value 0 is only supported by Vista and newer)

      See here "Solution 2" for instructions.

      Then reboot the computer and Repair the adapter.
      This should solve the problem.


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