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Netgear DG835G Router and VPN

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  • Netgear DG835G Router and VPN

    I have a Netgear DG835G Wireless Router, I am trying to get VPN to work through it however it wont seem to pass the connection to the VPN Server on my LAN....

    Has anybody used a DG835G and got VPN to work through it ??? If so what do I need to configure....

    So Far I have setup a Firewall Rule to Forward request on 1723 to my VPN Box....


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    Re: Netgear DG835G Router and VPN

    I have been going through heck with NetGear and VPN lately. NetGear has tweaked their VPN config's pretty tightly so that only thier Prosafe client will attach. I have not found anyone who has gotten a Windows client to connect yet.

    One thing I did find out is that if you are setting up remotes with unknown IP's you need to set up 2 connections- 1 a vpn policy/IKE for the user connection and a secons (2) for a 'responder' connection. I believe they are setting their tunnels for 'one-way' only.

    Just a suggestion, Good Luck!