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Setting up a VPN/NAT Server using W2K3

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  • Setting up a VPN/NAT Server using W2K3

    I am trying to setup a VPN/NAT Router using W2K3, this is the setup of the Server....

    1) W2K3 Standard
    2) 1xADSL PCI Modem Card
    3) 1xNIC connected to switch

    I have setup the ADSL Modem and its working, however when I setup VPN/NAT in W2K3 it will not show as an interface, I have to install VPN/NAT then I have to setup a demand Dial Interface using the ADSL Line this works fine and connects.. I then assign it as a NAT Interface etc but it will not work at all I cant get to the internet???? it wont allow me to ping Addresses out on the net detination unreach....

    What am I doing wrong ?????? ( I seem to remember under W2K you could set up a demand Dial Interface as you were going through the VPN/NAT Setup wizard)......


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    Re: Setting up a VPN/NAT Server using W2K3

    Check the firewall settings in the server, you are probbly getting blocked by default rules for the VPN/NAT in the server. The server is expecting inbound traffic and not outbound.


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      Re: Setting up a VPN/NAT Server using W2K3

      I managed to fix it, if you set up the Server as a simple NAT Server (W2K3) it lets you setup a demand dial Interface as a Public Interface ( you cant do this if you select VPN/NAT Server )....

      Simply setup your Demand Dial Interface as you public, your LAN Interface as Private and Nat works fine... Then simply add enable VPN on the server and it all works fine