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Connecting a Fortigate 20C to a Dlink 860L wireless router.

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  • Connecting a Fortigate 20C to a Dlink 860L wireless router.

    I bought a Fortigate 20C to use in my home LAN. I'm at a loss as how to set it up. Does anybody know how to configure it to allow the DHCP through the router instead of through the Fortigate? Can this be achieved through switching it to Transparent mode? Or can anybody direct me to a link that would help explain how to configure the Fortigate with a wireless router? Thanks...

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    How is your internet connection delivered? If it's just plugged in to the WAN port on the DIR-860L, you can probably get rid of that all together. The fortigate is plenty capable of handling the WAN connection by itself. Just configure WAN1 on the FG20 to replicate the settigs on the 860L.
    then get rid of the 860 and let the FG do it all.

    If you want to use the wireless features of the 860L, then plug one of the LAN ports into a LAN port on the fortigate. Disable all the DHCP settings etc on the 860L and it should function mostly as an AP, not a router.
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