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  • router/internet question

    If I have dsl internet with a modem from provider, then my cisco router has to be ethernet, not dsl, right? And if going to connect a wan with 2 offices thats got dsl or cable modems,then I will need 2 ethernet routers with ethernet and static ip's? So when is a case where you need dsl interface on routers? I thought that is what the serial ports on router were, connection to internet, so if I am right then will the routers be ethernet interface for the serial interface? So what is dsl routers? Confussed, please help...

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    Re: router/internet question

    If your using the providers dsl modem then yes all you need is the ethernet port on the cisco. If didnt want to use the providers modem you could buy an ADSL card (some models they come builtin). Depends on the medium as to what interfaces you need and what type of handoff the provider gives you. Typically if its a T1 you need a WIC1-DSU (still considered a serial interface) Standard cable and dsl connections typically only need an ethernet interface. Really depends on how the circuit is being handed off to the customer.
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