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  • simple connection test portable

    I need a program that will simply check how far the connection goes.
    1 ping wraparound. -See if the card is working
    2 ping gateway - checks cables connection
    3 ping - verifirs internet is on
    4 tests browser connection - test browser isn't jacked

    It's hard to step the deaf elderly or dumb to run a ping. I want to pit this utility on all computers I work on
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    Re: simple connection test portable

    No OS specified, but presumably Windows.

    You could easily write a script to do the ping tests and display a result.
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      Re: simple connection test portable

      A ping test to an external source isnt a good indication of your reachability. The remote destination may be blocking icmp echo's or the local firewall may be also blocking the echo replies from coming back in. Does that mean the internet connection isnt working? No, just means those messages are being filtered.
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