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  • Broadband Contracts

    I admit I am being pessimistic. But the main reason why I am wary of changing my notoriously spam ridden server, in spite of the fact my Broadband contact expired last year is because of my age and the number of ops I had over the past 10 years.

    Does anyone know the position regarding such as the 18 month demanded by BT and other servers? What happens if you become too ill to use a PC or even die? I can find no mention in such contacts as to whether the server expects someone to pay a lump sum in such circumstances by way of default of contract before the period expires.

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    Re: Broadband Contracts

    The only people who can explain BT's contract to you are BT or a solicitor... you should speak to the ISPs concerned. While there may be a 'get-out' clause in the contract (and even if not, they probably wouldn't be so bloody minded as to enforce the contract for the full duration if you just pay a one-off cancellation charge), the contract is ultimately an agreement that they will provide the service for the full duration - it's not an agreement that you will have to use it.
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      Re: Broadband Contracts

      Gordon, try this site as they have a Forum and seem to be able to advise on BT stuff.

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