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use speedstream 2624 as a dumb Access Point?

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  • use speedstream 2624 as a dumb Access Point?


    I have an old SpeedStream 2624 wireless router that works fine as as a DSL router. My ISP provided a combined 2wire router/modem and so I am using that now and have no problems with it.

    As the 2624 is available I thought I would use it as an access point in dead area of my house.

    The 2wire has an IP of and DHCP server enabled.

    I connect the 2624 to the 2WIRE and disable DHCP server on the 2624 and change its IP to (There is no possibility to get an IP through DHCP for the 2624 it seems)

    To connect to and ping the 2624 I set a static IP on a client PC to subnet mask I connect to the 2624 config page no problems from this PC

    From a different PC wired directly to the 2WIRE I check the status and see that the 2WIRE has allocated to the 2624.

    The client PC connected to the 2624 cannot ping the 2wire ( I guess that that is bad, but I'm not sure.

    I tried setting the gateway of the client PC to but that has not helped either.

    Ultimately I want the 2624 clients to be able to get an IP using DHCP from the 2WIRE, simply passing through the 2624.

    Could someone please help me out with this? It is driving me crazy. I did the same thing recently with an apple router with no problems whatsoever, just disabled the DHCP server functionality and told it to get an IP for itself through DHCP.

    Alan F