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Adapter Settings and Default Gateway

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  • Adapter Settings and Default Gateway

    Hello, I'm a hobbyist. I have a nagging question. At home I have a W2K server with 2 NICS - one ("outside") linked to my ISP, the other ("inside") linking the server to an XP client (cross over cable). I have installed AD on the server which is also my DNS/DHCP/RAS server. I thought I had everything wired up correctly - but what I find is if I fill in the Default Gateway IP address ( on "inside", I can't access the internet from the client (it looks like the server is trying to use "inside" to resolve www addresses like - "outside" isn't being used at all). If I clear the Default Gateway settings in "inside", everything seems to work fine. I have no idea why this is happening. Any insight would be gratefully received.

    I also have a question about the metric field (Advanced TCP/IP Settings - IP). That seems to be always 1. Does anyone ever change it?