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BT Broadband Drops Connection

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  • BT Broadband Drops Connection

    I have BT Broadband and only 1 telephone point. I have sky plus and an engineer had to come out to fix it. Ever since he did this I can only keep my connection for about 5 mins, however if I unplug the telephone and sky box and just connect the broadband it works perfectly well. Does anybody know how I can get over this? I have tried changing the order of which they are plugged in to the socket but without any joy.

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    Re: BT Broadband Drops Connection

    A couple of clairifications:

    BT Broadband is DSL- correct?

    What is Sky Plus?

    These may help in figuring out your issue.

    Good Luck


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      Re: BT Broadband Drops Connection

      Thanks for your reply but I have overcome the problem. I got a new dual conector and swapped them all about and I've been on for 35hrs without a problem.

      By the way, Sky Plus is a digital television system that also connects to the telephone socket for interactive reasons I believe.

      Once again thank you.

      I am about to try to set up a Belkien Router, so I will probably be back soon


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        Re: BT Broadband Drops Connection

        Remember and fit a filter on to your modem, sky box and your telephone. You need to have one on each connection for broadband to work properly.