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Wireless not browsing the network

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  • Wireless not browsing the network

    Ok, laptop with wireless connectivity to the network can get on the Internet but can't browse the network resources on the server. I click on a shared drive on the server and a username and password window pops up. I enter an authorized user on the resource and the window pops right back up.

    On the other hand I will plug a network cable into the same laptop and I can browse the network resources no problem, but can't get on the internet.

    DHCP is our wireless firewall and ISP access point. DNS is our server I'm trying to access.

    Wired: browse the network, no internet
    Wireless: internet, no browse network

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    Re: Wireless not browsing the network

    We need more info.

    Is the wired network on a different subnet to the wireless network ? Do you get any different settings ? (i.e. DNS, WINS, Gateway) ?

    Is the laptop a member of the domain ? Or is your network just running as a workgroup ?

    Are you using a proxy server ?

    Can you ping an internet resource while wired ? By IP or FQDN ?

    How are you entering your username and password while wireless ? (Should be DOMAIN\username).

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