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ALCTEL => Pro - problem with pwd

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  • ALCTEL => Pro - problem with pwd

    Dear peoples.

    i have tryied today to change my alctel tp a router i got a new alctel from bezeq with NIC and i followed ypu fine manual. at first every site gave me other expert pwd but that still can be sence. the problem was that it didint accept any pwd i gave him. i'm sure about the MAC address. i got 7 diffrent owd for my mac address: of : 00-90-d0-1c-c5-8a ( try it with upper case also with " with ' all .... ) and those are the code i got :
    any of these codes gave the answer : " invalid pwd ... no switch to trace & debug pronpt ". i got alctel version 3.2 - 270. at the back of the modem ots written : "speed touch home pots network terminator" 1. maybe bezeq gave new alctels that the network cnat established ? 2. the only thing i have done right is to configure the NIC with defulat gateway and so ... cause i needed the adsl connection incase some thing will get worng.
    3. can u gave me another pwd that might help me
    4. in your menu u mention that fill the user as a simple user that i will remember and fill the pass to something i would like ( phase 2 ) but there is no pass there only the user and then i need to make td prompt and fill the pwd i got from the sites.
    5. if u familer with this malfunction can u try to solve it i wil guve u all the info u need via mail so thanks in advanced

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    I do not know which utility you used, but I always use this on-line genarator without any problem:
    If I fill in your string (00-90-d0-1c-c5-8a), it says: "Syntax error in challenge string 00-90-D0-1C-C5-8A".
    Are you absolutely sure about your string?? No typo's or confusion between "0" and "O" etc.?

    You are not confused about the fact that 2 different passwords exist?
    The first one is to access the modem and the second to access td mode. The first one you can set yourself (or set no password at all).

    Maybe it works after an upgrade of the firmware to the latest version?


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      Well, now my password generator says: 4031216986 (I made a typo), this generator worked ok for me.